Le soufflé au fromage

June 19th, 2008 by jeanf

Koch show / 280608/ 22h
Karmanoïa bar/ Mainzerstrasse, 5 / U. Hermannplatz / Berlin

CUISINE 1 : Soufflé aux Fromage

Performance melting sound and video ingredients taken from the live action of a performer mixing real ingredients in order to cook some soufflés aux fromages for the audience. The collaborative project unifies four artists experts in sound, image, and performance. The anti-spectacular piece evolves around the pleasure of self-making and self-distorting rather than reday made product. However, you will be more than welcome to taste the soufflé (not made in industrial quantity) and take the time to observe their disinflation postures when travelling from the oven to the guest table.

Jeanfrançois Blanquet / Electro radio magnetic catastrophe kitchen disturber / Brussels
Christophe Alix / Amateur cook, performance/theatre practitioner & academic (school of arts and
new media, university of hull) / Scarborough
Benoît Bellet / Live cooking sound grabber and recycler / Berlin
Jérôme Blanquet / Hertzien’s waves surfer and tv directorcook
/ Paris
souffle au fromage

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