IMPETUS festival

March 22nd, 2011 by jeanf

sunday april 17th,,,start 15h ====== >>>>>>> Espace Multimedia Gantner
with : Guy-Marc Hinant, DEMOLECULARISATION [projectsinge]
RAW Geometry :
Jérôme & Jean-François Blanquet have developed a live audiovisual device which allows a direct experiment of video/sound relations through « bridges » between mixing-desks using cables, hertzian waves and electric power lines. Thus sounds create pictures and pictures create sounds.

RAW Geometry is a visual-audio project taking shape in improvisation.
It’s a play on the instability of machines and humans, on a « loss of control », which explores unexpected areas of alien sensations and meanings – from outerspace.
An experiment on forms that can generate audio and visual tools of our time and gives rise to a narrative.
It’s the story of a piece of data (audio-signal) that collapses in upon itself through different audio and video forms over and over again. Then it inevitably evolves and transforms itself, as is its necessary fate in a universe of collisions.

Impetus festival :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Action Beat / Blood For Navajos / Cancer Bats / Deerhoof / DEMOLECULARISATION / Eryn Non Dae / Extra Life / Ezekiel vs Hint / Fabien Hein
/ Guy-Marc Hinant / Jack and the bearded… / Kruger / Man Of Zion / Nao Live Band / Necro Deathmort / Ortie / Recueil Morbide / Skeletons Fall / The Dining Dead / The Young Gods / Yann Leguay /Zone Libre vs Casey & B.James

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