cuisine 2

April 17th, 2009 by jeanf

__April 10th, 7.30pm, Bains::Connective, Brussels
___April 22nd, 7.30pm, On the Edge, University of Hull, Scarborough Campus/UK
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a performance mixing sound and video taken from the live action of a performer cooking in live some cheese soufflés. The project unifies four artists experts in sound, image, theatre and performance. The quartet has composed an unique piece reflecting on the collaboration of arts practices and the pleasure of self-making/self-distorting rather than consuming ready-made product. The audience may taste the soufflé (not made in industrial quantity though) or at least take the time to observe its disinflation posture while travelling from the oven to the guest table.
-Christophe Alix / Amateur cook, performance/theatre practitioner & academic.
-Jeanfrançois Blanquet / sound work with voice and kitchen disturber .
-Jérôme Blanquet / Hertzien’s waves surfer and tv director­cook.
-Benoît Bellet / Live cooking sound grabber and recycler.

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