***be a hero! Brussels

January 7th, 2009 by jeanf

***Be a hero!
1) Find spam e-mail and read it into a mike. 2) Stuff text into a digital voice recognition program. 3) Compile, cut up, accumulate, shuffle, reshuffle, degenerate, add, subtract, disorient.
live act in the framework of -internet disorders- at iMAL/Brussels.

jeanfrançois and jérôme Blanquet are the radical spin doctors of misinformation. In their version of modern dystopia, the mechanisms of viral infection create a blitzkrieg of verbal soundbytes and subliminal video.

These sensory games of millenial madness translate into slippery meaning, layers of connotation and denotation, a myriad of compressed verbal information and mixed intention. Burroughs for the digital age… This is time, in terms of a friendly spam e-mail, to “Be a Hero.”

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