***Be a hero! video

April 28th, 2008 by jeanf

our new video from live act we made at Vision’R 08 festival:

*** Be a hero!
spam cut-up microphone voice, text recording diffusion, voice recognition words,
the sound writing a picture.
Mix-tables control character generator, tape recorders computers.
Repetition stacking wear cuts, loss information jamming noise,
the word as raw material, dialog picture and sound, immediate reactivity, meaning in revolution.

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February 15th, 2008 by jeanf

new one,
coming back from Berlin we realized this video with the same live set device that we had to salon bruit/Berlin. (thank you seamus for your enthusiasm)


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in colorvision ________________________________

December 31st, 2007 by jeanf

our 8 o’clock TV news show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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audio-video-text synesthesia_____________________________________

September 10th, 2007 by jeanf

from synæpsthesie friendly organised by *LLND at la Bellevilloise/Paris.
device feedback, direct re-injection signal, human operator, text-video-audio SYNESTHESIA===============================================

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projectsinge at PétahertZ_____________________________

July 2nd, 2007 by jeanf

here our new visual and sonic act at PétahertZ/Paris(Montreuil) june 29, camera: olivier Sargatal.

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ETC video

May 8th, 2007 by jeanf

live sonic act with jerome&jeanfrançois Blanquet (projectsinge) + mathias Beyler(U) ETC galery/Montpellier april 26 2007

envoyé par jean_f

feedback machine ==>feedback_machine.jpg

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April 18th, 2007 by jeanf

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February 19th, 2007 by jeanf

“Hommage to the square pixel” : creation of hypnotic shapes and radio sonic waves in movement.


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