March 26th, 2016 by jeanf

In the framework of Sonic Protest festival RE:CYCLE (group exhibition oriented sound art) from april 3 to 15 at La g̩n̩rale (14 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris) 15h00 Р19h00, free entrance.
.Lucas Abela : “Temple of Din”
.Nicolas Collins : “Tudor’s walk”
.projectsinge : “LogforData_exhibition”
.Adam Bohman
.Yves-Marie Mahé

Cassette released on ARTKILLART label, AKA 10 at 256 copies.
Credits : Jean-François Blanquet, David Olivari, Clément Charmet, Jérôme Blanquet, Erik Minkkinen and Sylvain Le Beux.
LogforData is an audio tape composed of several audio coding protocols extracted from a 56k modem, FAX as well as personal computers from the 1980’s.
This audio data also contains several texts from online secure conversations between several members of an IRC (chat) channel.
The decoded texts give us a glimpse into the existence of digital entities, a pure data ecosystem, a world where information has mutated towards an independent life form. A second civilization is built next to human civilization, and counter-powers already appear in the ‘ system ‘ .
The cassette object is itself part of the coding, to access the textual content of the cassette, it must be put in place: the cassette + the tape player + cables + computer + The devices is the key of the encryption key.

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