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live act by DEMOLECULARISATION (Jérôme et Jean-François Blanquet)
-DATA_connection-, like the title of the film French Connection by William Friedkin, DATA traffic!!


screen shots DATA_onnection

screen shots DATA_connection

With prepared audio tapes of encoded texts and tape players, Jean-francois Blanquet mixes and composes a sound piece from the different sonorities of code, which still contain meaning .
The texts produced by Jean-François Blanquet are about a second civilization in the process of setting up next to ours in the digital universe.
While the music code is built and evolves, J Blanquet receives the audio stream using computers to decode its textual substance.
From machines, texts emerge in video stream directly re-arranged with mixers creating an interpretation of the moment.
The public is immersed in a song of digital code while attending the progressive apparition in the video of part of the meaning contained in this stream.
Thus, we have a sound composition in the making whose meaning is carried by the sounds, is decoded and then re- arranged live. This creates an experience in the continuity of the cut-up techniques.
The result is projected on video and then directly recorded by a VCR on a single VHS tape.
LogforData_Connection cassettes

LogforData_Connection cassettes

VHS tape recorded at iMAL/Brussels on june 14, 2015 on the occasion of the finissage of -Arnarchronism- exhibition.

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